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Improves brain activity. It works effectively against chronic fatigue syndrome.

Servings: drinking ampoule of 25 ml, capsules.
Flavors: grapefruit, strawberry.
MAX MENTIS increases concentration, improves brain activity, increases reaction speed, etc. Effectively resists chronic fatigue syndrome (among the causes of which are high physical activity, sleep disorders and insufficient rest, jetlag, violation of daily biorhythm, negative emotional state, etc.).

Microdispersed and purity promote rapid absorption. High bioavailability. It is in the liquid form that absorption occurs in the best way.
One serving contents
To achieve the desired effect, a course admission is required.
Recommendations for use in sports:
Violations of peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation during heavy physical activity
Asthenic conditions (including those caused by traumatic lesions
brain injury-prone sports)
Psychogenic and neurotic depression with disadaptation (overtraining)
Prevention of DIC syndrome
Turn your head on 100%

There are 16 scientific researches demonstrating the effect of phosphatidylserine on reducing the symptoms of dementia and cognitive impairment. Phosphatidylserine is a natural product. Researches have shown that in athletes, phosphatidylserine increases results, improves the hormonal response to stress caused by exercise, and reduces muscle damage. The inclusion of phosphatidylserine in the diet contributes to the formation of the necessary hormonal balance for athletes and weakens the physiological wear and tear that accompanies overtraining and mental overstrain.
Demonstrated the following effects in research:
  • Improve brain function (concentration, reaction speed, memory, etc.);
  • Reducing muscle pain and improving overall health;
  • Increase performance and endurance in athletes;
  • Taking 300 mg of phosphatidylserine per day for a month helped young athletes better cope with stress;
  • Players who took 850 mg of phosphatidylserine for 10 days increased their endurance levels.
It improves cerebral blood circulation and the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain, and has cerebroprotective properties. It has a vasodilating effect and prevents platelet aggregation. It normalizes metabolic processes and has an antihypoxic effect on tissues. It prevents the oxidation of lipids and the formation of free radicals in cell membranes. It has a pronounced anti-edema effect at the level of the brain and in peripheral tissues.
Dimethylaminoethanol. DMAE is a natural substance (high content in salmon and sardine meat), a natural nootropic that significantly enhances the capture and transfer of oxygen and glucose to the brain tissues.

It is a natural precursor of acetylcholine and is necessary for the synthesis of choline, a mediator of the nervous system. Biogenic amines. Acetylcholine mediates the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle, small concentrations (up to 300 mg) facilitate synaptic transmission. With a lack of acetylcholine, the strength of muscle contractions decreases. 75 % of the population has a deficit of it.